JPL Career

Retired — 40 year career
1967 to 2007


JPL Director Dr. Charles Elachi presents 40 yr. award to Dr. William J. Hurd, April 2007

  • Conducted Research in Deep Space Communications and Global Positioning System
  • Supervisor Digital Systems Research Group
  • Deputy Manager Communications Ground Systems Section
  • Principal System Architect in Interplanetary Network Directorate
  • Recipient NASA Exceptional Service Medal for Technical and Managerial Leadership for Development of Receiver-Demodulator System
  • Recipient JPL Award for Exceptional Technical Excellence in Devising A Simple and Elegant Technique to Determine The Earth Receive Time of Data Acquired at DSN Stations, and in Designing a Smoothing Filter for Carrier Tracking of Low-Threshold Telemetry

Author of 15 journal papers and 25 conference papers

Holds six patents

Bill and Elaine Hurd at Goldstone in front of 34-m antenna, June 1997
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