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Hurricane Carla developed from a tropical depression that formed in the western Caribbean Sea on September 3, The depression moved northwestward for several days becoming a tropical storm on 5 September and a hurricane the day following. After entering the Gulf of Mexico, the hurricane very steadily strengthened as it continued its slow incontri hurricane trek to the Texas coast. Hurricane Carla made landfall that day, but weakened to a strong Category 4 hurricane just prior. The storm surge pushed as far as 16 km 10 m inland and inundated 1. The slow movement was also responsible for high rainfall totals, the highest in Bay City, Texas at about Much of the destruction caused by the hurricane occurred away from the point of landfall, with damage reports coming from as far away as Dallas and as far east as the Incontri hurricane River delta. The outbreak of 26 incontri hurricane by the storm was responsible for considerable damage, with one F4 tornado actually moving through bacheca incontri nizza Galveston. In Texas, about 2, buildings were destroyed and 10, others severely damaged. A radar display showing Hurricane Carla.

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Major highways including portions of Interstate 40 were flooded and impassible, delaying the anxious return of residents who had evacuated before the storm. Retrieved September 12, Download the new naplesnews. In the Wilmington area, the tide and overflow of water were reported as the highest known to date, being 16 inches above the high water mark of A new low formed across northern Alabama and northwest Georgia during the early afternoon hours and became the primary low, deepening as it accelerated northeastward across northern South Carolina and eastern North Carolina during the late afternoon and evening. The low encountered cold air inland and a large area of heavy snow and blizzard conditions developed across the interior Southeastern states. As it neared the United States, Donna encountered weaker steering currents, turned northwestward, and re-intensified. In Wilmington winds gusted to 74 mph at the airport and 9. With three significant hurricane strikes in just three years, the Wilmington Star-News ran an interesting article discussing historical precedents to active periods of local hurricane activity. Irene briefly became a category 3 hurricane before turning north and slowly weakening as it entrained dry air across the Southeastern United States. The NWS Sterling, VA office reports that this storm brought "high tides to [the] tidewater area, flooding wharves and the lower portion of Norfolk.

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continued west, and made a northwestward turn on the 9th bringing the hurricane to the middle Florida Keys the next day at Category 4 intensity. Donna then turned northeastward and crossed the Florida Peninsula on September Hurricane Donna proved to be a . U.S. Department of Commerce. Parts of the U.S. Government are closed. This site is being updated, however, only with furlough-related information to support NOAA employees; NOAA websites and social media channels necessary to protect lives and property are also being maintained. Weather Underground provides tracking maps, 5-day forecasts, computer models, satellite imagery and detailed storm statistics for tracking and forecasting hurricanes and tropical cyclones. The Atlantic hurricane season was the least active season since The season officially began on June 15, and lasted until November These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Atlantic basin.

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