Overton Power District

I am a candidate for Trustee of the Overton Power District, which serves Mesquite, Bunkerville, Overton, Logandale, Moapa and surrounding areas of northeast Clark County, Nevada. I am running for Seat No. 7, which is the at-large seat, and represents all of the residents of the District. I will work openly and honestly to serve all ratepayers and other stakeholders in the OPD. I am running so that I can use my management, technical and leadership skills to improve OPD and to serve the community.

I can provide needed independence, integrity, management experience, technical ability and good judgment that is required to improve the District. I earned a Ph. D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California and had a successful career at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California for 40 years. I performed research, development, implementation, system engineering, supervision and management. My areas of importance to OPD include planning and designing large complex systems, writing proposals, performing cost estimates and trade studies and evaluating proposals. For several years, I was the deputy manager of an organization responsible for operating and maintaining electrical generators similar to peaking stations used by utilities to provide for unusually high peak power demands. As a Trustee, I will use my technical and managerial skills to help OPD provide reliable service to customers at the lowest possible rates.

I will work to make OPD more open to the public. This will keep the public better informed, and will give OPD the benefits of ideas and advice from the public. The public will be kept informed by thorough explanations of management actions, and prompt responses to questions and comments. Interactive discussions and public review before important decisions will help OPD make better decisions, and will give the public confidence in these decisions.

I will work for improved financial stability of OPD. The District is straddled with a large debt load that was incurred as a result of escalating energy prices and management decisions during the Enron crisis. Current management did not incur this debt, but is tasked with operating under its load. I will work to ensure careful planning and review to avoid expensive mistakes, and adequate income to improve financial margins.

OPD customers expect and deserve reliable service with low rates. There are two major types of risk – cost and reliability, and they are interactive because failures can be costly. I will work for thorough studies to achieve the best possible combination of high reliability and low cost. I will also work to review the rate structure to assure fairness to all customers.

I believe OPD should keep abreast of trends and capabilities for renewable energy, especially solar, and should involve the public in open discussions of options, costs and risks. Rooftop solar electric systems are appearing on local homes, and are partially subsidized by OPD. At this time, use of solar energy on a large scale by the District may not be practical. As a Trustee, I will help to guide and evaluate the studies necessary to determine if and when use of renewable energy is in the best interests of OPD customers.

If you are a voter in the Overton Power District, I am asking that you vote for me as your Trustee in the November election.